The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

Shoppers turned out for Black Friday at the Mall of America


Shoppers turned out for Black Friday at the Mall of America

Jane Michaelson, Features Editor

The holidays are a time of giving, family, and love. Or more specifically, giving all your patience, dealing with your annoying family, and loving that moment when they leave you alone.

But in truth, the holidays hold a special place in all of our hearts.

For students: there’s no school. For teachers: there’s no students.

One thing we all share is the love for presents. From the moment Thanksgiving dinner ends to ringing in 2016, the only thing Americans love more than food are presents.

The National Retail Foundation found that “this year, holiday sales will increase 3.7 percent to $630.5 billion, compared to last year’s 4.1 percent growth.”

Data courtesy of National Retail Foundation

So even though this year will see a bit of a decrease in sales, it’s still the most wonderful time of the year…for shopping.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s on Apple Valley High School’s wish list for this holiday season:  


  • “A camera” – senior Ashley Lind
  • “All Hail West Texas album” – sophomore Kenan Anderson
  • “World peace” – Dr. Bob Helgeson
  • “Baja Blast freeze maker” – senior Cassie Edlund
  • “Money” – freshman Cathy Dinh
  • “New clothes” – Mr. Jacob Martin
  • “To see the Vikings win a superbowl in my lifetime” – Mr. Jerry Hayes
  • “For all religions to get along” – Principal Steve Degenaar
  • “A new hoodie” – junior Joe Larson
  • “Some chocolate and a sweatshirt of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau riding a horse in a beautifully tailored suit” – Ms. Miranda Godfread
  • “Good grades and sleep” – junior Arianna Rotty
  • “A Blicks giftcard” – sophomore Kaela Ryder
  • “Safe holiday season with his family” – senior Prince Hyeameng

Add what you want for the holidays in the comments!

And all of us here at The Talon wish you a happy holidays, an amazing winter break and a Happy New Year!