World Unites Against Terror

World Unites Against Terror

Megan Navratil, News Writer

November 13, 2015: a day that left the world in shock. At 9:20 pm, the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) started its series of terrorist attacks on Paris that lasted 33 minutes.

The attacks took place at various locations including the Stade De France stadium, A La Bonne Biere bar, Bataclan concert venue, Le Carillon, Le Petit Cambodge, La Belle Equipe, and Comptoir Voltaire restaurants. So far they have 23 people in custody for these attacks, along with 104 under house arrest.

A total of 130 people lost their lives on this tragic day.

These attacks brought the world together to support Paris through social media. On twitter people trended #pray for paris to spread the story and add their comment about the attacks. The Paris flag also became a symbol of unity and strength against terrorists through social media. Facebook, Google, Instagram, Twitter and many other big social media networks incorporated Paris’ flag into their logos for around a week after the attacks took place. People also added the flag into their profile pictures and updates to show respect and mourn for the people who died as a result of these attacks.

When reacting to the following tragedies, AVHS junior Nate Kaiser stated, “They are hurting innocent people for no reason and are happy when they kill people, which is terrible.”

The French military dropped 16 bombs on ISIS’ command center and training center in response to the attacks.

“The death of ISIS followers will save thousands of lives and it should discourage people to follow ISIS,”  stated Kelly Carrillo, another AVHS junior, when sharing her opinion on the military attacking ISIS.

These series of events are just a few of what ISIS has done to many countries across the world. As we mourn the deaths of 130 people, our world grows stronger together to unify against ISIS to try to prevent any more tragedies like the infamous Paris attacks.