A Candle in a Dark Room


“The Glowing Door” by Prospect Visuals is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0

A Candle in a Dark Room

It feels like I’ve been walking through this foggy darkness since forever. Problem after problem follows me. My feet hurt. I’m hungry and thirsty, and I feel so alone all the time. Why does it always feel like I’m the only one struggling through this mucky darkness with nothing but more darkness ahead?

Suddenly, I trip over something metallic. There are giggles in the distance, like they’re laughing at my simple mistake.

This object makes a loud clunking sound in the midst of my silent, cold, and dark world. I turn around and start feeling for whatever I tripped over.

Soon my hand finds something waxy and I grab it. It feels sort of heavy. As I bring it closer to my face, it looks white. Towards the bottom,where the clucking sound came from, is a golden base. It was a candle! If there was a candle, there had to be matches or a lighter somewhere! 

My world seemed a lot less dark when I thought of this. 

After a few minutes of searching the floor, my hand felt a small, rough, boxy thing on the ground. Upon closer inspection, I could make out the word “MATCHES” on the box.

When I opened the box, there were only four matches. This doesn’t seem too hard, I mean, there’s nothing to really put out the flame. How hard can this be?

I strike the first match. For a moment there’s a flame, then it goes out like it plunged into water. Well, that was unexpected.

I strike the second match. This time, I cover it and then slowly bring it to the candle. Then, it’s blown out, like someone was there, even though I was sure that nobody was.

I struck the third match right next to the candle and it lights. I pick up the candle and look around. It is still a dark world, but the candle makes it less scary.

There are more giggles coming from my right side. I turn, swinging the candle and almost blowing it out.

“Who’s there?”

The giggles stop, like they weren’t expecting for me to do that. The silence was calming, but deafening.

I point my candle around and in the distance I can make something out. Since I don’t have anywhere else to go, I head towards the figure.

As I near it, it becomes more of a rectangular shape. I bring my candle close to it. 

It becomes large and wooden, with carvings of plants on it. The paint has chipped, but it has a faint whiteness to it. A warm glow comes from around the edges.

 It’s a door, that’s for sure. But where does it lead to?

My hand almost instinctively reaches out and hits something metallic. When I actually look down at what I grabbed, it’s a bronze door knob. A light hum runs through my body going from my right hand to every nerve in my body. It relaxes me, as if telling me that everything will be ok.

I stare at a bronze door knob wanting to turn it. What would happen if I crossed to the other side? What’s on the other side?

 One side of me says stay where you are, you know this, it’s safer. Though another part of me wants the uncertainty, the adventure of not knowing what comes next. It wants something new and exciting to start the next chapter of my life.

 After a minute of pondering the pros and cons to each side I know what I want. This time, I won’t wait foe it to come to me.

I slowly turn it. The doorknob hums as it clicks open and the glow becomes brighter.

I look back into the darkness, wondering if this is the right choice. If this change would be for the better or worse?

I don’t want to leave the comfort of the darkness and yet the light seems too intriguing to not see what’s on the other side.

I look back at the door. It seems to be calling me in.

I take a deep breath, and swing the door open. The bright light blinds me, yet it is comforting at the same time. Before I know it, I’m already there.

Without hesitation, my mouth has already opened up and the words fly out,

“Hi! I’m Lisa. What’s your name?”

"The Glowing Door" by Prospect Visuals is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0
“The Glowing Door” by Prospect Visuals is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0