The Golden Hulled Silver Sail Ship

Picture of a Sail Ship
Creative Commons

Have you ever heard of the Golden Hulled Silver Sail Ship? Well if you haven’t, you will now.

It has been said to show up on perfectly sunny and clear days. When it is near, you will hear a bell toll three times.

Suddenly, a fog will surround the boat you are on, dark stormy clouds will form. In unlucky cases, it will start to rain. The boat will rock violently and it will be hard to see.

Then, whether you know it or not, the ship will come up to yours. When it does you will feel tension and fear in the air. You will hear footsteps, they will echo all around you like you’re in a cave. 

Once the ship has docked next to yours, people suddenly disappear. Disobedient children, murders, thieves, the unlucky, corrupt and generally bad people get taken away. A soft dragging can be heard if they’re taking someone who is near you. A chill can be felt when the ghost pirates are right next to you.

You won’t know who was and who wasn’t taken till after the ship has sailed away, the storm clears, and the fog settles. 

Everything will go back to normal, it will look like it never rained, and the missing people and their stuff were never there. Only their memory in the people who knew them will remain.

Also, all valuables will disappear whether it was in a bag or around your neck.

In the distance, after all the commotion you can see the ship in the distance.

It has been said to to have a hull of pure gold and sails that shine in the sun making it look like it was woven from silver strings.

Nobody truly knows the reason for these disappearances, but there’s a rumor that they do it because they are looking for the people who stole their treasure and murdered them.

So next time you are planning to go on a boat, try not to break any mirrors just in case.