World of the Lost: Chapter 1


Creative Artwork by Maximillian Giamonna

World of the Lost

Chapter 1: Transport Crash


Archer suspected the meeting he was going to would be hard, he just didn’t know how. The meeting would be straightforward: enter, talk, nitpick, counter, ext. However, with normal meeting, the topic would be funding, production, relevance, or the finished product. This time, they are activating the device. As he entered the room, he saw the faces of the advisors he was supposed to convince. They had a neutral expression on their faces, not betraying any emotion, they looked ready to hear the facts. Better make this work… as He sat down, he looked at his team. Z.A.H.A.R.I (whatever that stands for) is a mobile personal assistant, which looks like a silver box with spider legs. The odd one out for sure. Beside it was Alys, she made eye contact with one of the people we were trying to convince and just stared. If looks could kill. When he sat, the meeting began. 

“I would like to thank you for coming over here.” The man in the middle then spoke, “Of course, you shall begin.”

“As time moves on our modes of transportation varies. First, it was swimming, then walking, then boats, then horses, then bicycles, then the automobile, then planes, then submarines, then-“ Alys gave a forced cough, telling me to move on. “And then we came up with this: the world’s first fully operational mater transmitter!”

One of them raised an eyebrow; they already knew what we were trying to make, they did not know that it was done. She then raised her hand, “Care to explain how it works?”

Alys then answered, “Our friend here,” she pointed to Z.A.H.A.R.I, “will inform you while we walk to the transmitter.” The group seemed happily surprised, much like children told they’re getting a new toy. Archer felt relieved, it became clear that they were really just here to see if it’s safe, and from all their long and tedious tests, they concluded that it was. As Z.A.H.A.R.I. explained how the machine worked, they finally entered the room with the transmitter.

While the advisors and Z.A.H.A.R.I. stood in a corner to watch, Alys went to the command station, while Archer went to his station, the transporter pad. He always wanted to be remembered, but most of all, he wanted to be the first human to be “beamed up” like in Star Trek and other science fiction shows he liked. The pad had eight targeting circles to indicate where people should stand, placed around a tall cylinder with a thin scanner. It is rather slow when transporting multiple items, but it is a prototype. Archer had put on a special suit to make it easier on the machine. 

Alys looked at Archer, “Ready?” 

Archer gave a thumbs up. 

“Understood, beginning Matter Scanning procedure. Stand by.” The scanner then begins to light up and adjusts itself to begin scanning. 

First it does a spin to test it’s motors, then goes into starting position. Its light turns green and makes a whirring noise while performing a check on who it sending. It then faces target one. “TWO UNITS, ONE ON PAD 1, ONE ON PAD 6.” 

Archer looks down, he’s on pad 6. He looks on pad 1, no one on it. Alys also sees no one’s on it “Working on it.” 

The scanner then aims itself at Z.A.H.A.R.I. “SCAN COMPLETE, BEGINNING TRANSMISSION.” 

Archer tries to move Z.A.H.A.R.I. out of the way, but is too far to do so. At that point, the scanner is already moving the machine. “UNIT TWO, PLEASE RETURN TO PAD 6, MOVEMENT DURING TRANSPORT MAY RESULT IN UNEXPECTED ALTERATION IN COURSE OR IN FORM TO PREVIOUS UNIT.” 

The machine, Z.A.H.A.R.I., then disappeared. “EVENT CORRUPTED, SHUTTING DOWN.”