Welcome to the World of the Lost


Creative Artwork by Maximillian Giamonna

Original artwork by Maximillian Giammona.
Original artwork by Maximillian Giammona.

World of the Lost


David Warner was walking around the street as he often does. Suddenly, he stumbled upon a mirror. So he walked to the mirror and touched it, as one would with any object they didn’t know the origin of. Suddenly, he was warped through time and space and landed in the wonderful world of…


David was in a chair. He was stunned, he didn’t know what happened. He looked around. He saw a bland color was on the color of the wall. He felt a little calmer, though not by much. Aside from the wall and the chair, which also didn’t look all that interesting, all there was was a door and a desk. He scanned the area for obvious traps and carefully went to the door.

When he opened the door, it revealed a tall, dark, humanoid figure. The figure then seemed to look at him and spoke in a neutral tone, “David, please take a seat in the chair you were just in.” The figure presented it’s hand towards the chair.

The figure looked like a thin, 2D, shadow, lack of color and all. The only details on it was a large, red upside-down triangle on it’s face and a smaller one on it’s shoulder, as if it was a badge. Due to it’s unnatural appearance, David gave no argument, and quickly walked back to the chair. The figure glided to the desk, though it made the motions of walking. This didn’t help him calm down in any way. When the figure sat at it’s desk, it looked right at David, who had the most dumbfounded look on his face. It was quiet for a few seconds, which was suddenly broke when it spoke. “Now, I plan to answer the questions you have right now, so what’s your first one?” 

David just sat there, his face with the same dumbfounded expression, though slightly changing as he registered the comment. It seemed unphased by the lack of a reaction, as if it was almost used to it by now. “How about I just lay down some information, and you stop me when you don’t understand, okay?” David blinked yes.

“I am the Caretaker, both in profession and in name, and you have been taken from your world to some random magical world of some nature.” 

David finally spoke “so here?”

 “No,” it replied, waving it’s hand to summon a view screen, “this is the world you were sent to.” The screen shows David running with a girl in a blue mage coat, both seem rather happy. 

“That doesn’t seem so bad.” he said, mainly looking at the girl in the image. 

“Perhaps, but you are running from that thing.”

“What thing?” The screen zooms out and shows what can only be described as some sort of demon wolf. The sudden change of tone startled David out of the chair. 

The Caretaker leans in to look at David. “A bit of an overreaction, it’s not going to jump out of the screen.” 

David looks up, then realized something. “Wait, if I was sent there, what am I doing here?” The Caretaker seemed pleased, though you couldn’t tell by it’s face. 

“To put it simply, and I’ll give more detail later, you are a copy and was sent to a planet, this planet, while the original you was being transferred there.” 

“Well how do I get there, or home, or just out of here?” 

The Caretaker seemed even more chipper. “You can’t, this planet is in the center of the time vortex. Basically, you’re in the eye of a never ending hurricane.” It looked to see the reaction from David, who at this point, was put down at not being able to return home or even go to the other world. Because of this, David was less concerned about being a copy. Seeing this reaction, The Caretaker slightly lowered it’s cheerful mood. 

“Look to your right, David.” David looked beside him. Standing next to him was the girl from the screen, except she was wearing a blue business suit and pants instead of the Mage coat. David then realized he was still on the floor and got up. 

“I’m… uh… David!” he said, dusting himself off. 

“I know, my name is Mary.” She stuck out her hand for a handshake, in which David happily took. “Ms. Sue is here to show you around the place and answer any questions you have if I’m unavailable.” 

David’s face lit up, he was still confused about everything, but things didn’t seem too bad at the moment. 

As Mary led David to the door, she quickly stopped. “Oh, sir,” she said with a smile, “the next guest will be here in 7 minutes.” 

When The Caretaker saw Mary, instead of the girl David saw, it saw nothing more but a walking suit with a smile, no body attached. “Thank you, Ms Sue.” She smiled as she closed the door. 

The Caretaker grabbed some papers and a pen. When it had what it wanted, it warped away to the expected meeting point, leaving behind a warped sound. The Caretaker was off to see the real protagonist of the story.


To be continued next week…