High Caliber for Jobs

Why It’s Harder to Get a Job Today


Becky McCray

Jobs aren’t so easy to find without a college degree…

Back when things were simpler, all you needed was to finish your senior year, then suddenly you’re off into the real world and set to support a family and make decent money. These days, from innovative inventions made by college graduates, the caliber for jobs is very much higher.

“Our current industrial policy creates jobs that are lower-skilled and routine, eventually to be replaced by robots and computers,” said Harvard’s Robert Reich.

A job is a job…….. right? Well, not necessarily in today’s day and age. The simpler jobs now require robots, according to Reich. That only leaves the complex to humans. Now those careers require a certain aspect of experience:  college.  

College isn’t for everyone; however, it is something that can help form lessons that when learned are useful for the work in today’s society.


Labor force decrease

 The destination for the jobs wanted will be harder considering the high calculations made for who gets to be employed.

Many employers want certain skills that more times than not are developed from attending college. That’s why students today should thrive to be the best version of themselves every day. Students should aim to go to college for sake of the opportunities resulting from it.

Settling down a place in today’s world is hard without having attended an institute with a diploma at hand. Ultimately, considering an education after high school is very important to have a sense of financial stability in the future.