Homecoming: Beyond the Hype

Homecoming is never just a dance. It’s also a community coming together again to reunite and reconnect.  After the “let’s hang out this summer” flops, students, staff members, and the rest of the Apple Valley community are brought together with a week’s worth of events. This year these included a variety of events, from dodgeball competitions to the all-girl powderpuff football game! At the end of the week, the community gets together to watch the football game and attend the homecoming dance the following day.

Junior ladies getting ready at the Powder Puff game.


When Student Council discussed what the dress attire for spirit week would be such as Color Day and Jersey Day, K. Laurent and T. Laurent, happily replied that it was based on “the students of course”. They want to create a spirit week in which students of all backgrounds can participate by picking many things that may be already sitting in their closets. The Laurent brothers pride themselves and Student Council on trying to create an event for everyone. Whether that event is the dance or simply dressing up, they leave that up to the students.

Ms. Arellano’s advisory sports their jerseys.

Was it worth it?

While there was much controversy zooming around the halls about whether our Homecoming was better than past years, or if another schools was better, the Laurents urge us to not compare from years before or even to another school. Travis Laurent says, “Every year give it a shot”. Things change from year to year as a new wave of students come in and impact the environment here at AVHS. The Laurent’s also wish more students knew that Student Council does listen to feedback, they take the opinions of everyone into consideration when deciding themes and events but ultimately they also have to decide what’s safest and most inclusive.

Students pause for a picture at the Homecoming Pep Fest.


One of the main focuses near homecoming week is to make sure students at AVHS are happy. A belief that Travis Laurent stands by and embeds into Homecoming Week is , “Life’s better if you enjoy what you’re doing”. The staff at AVHS realizes that our students perform better when they have a strong support system and feel safe in the building. The students here create bonds with each over over a fun game of trivia or dressing alike. While the surface is all fun and games, the reality is we are connecting and creating relationships with one another. Part of the homecoming experience is truly making AVHS a home – students and staff residing together to make our school truly amazing.

Not only are we creating a community here at school but within Apple Valley itself. Parents and young kids alike, are in complete awe of this place. The reasoning of course being, when parents see their kids happy, they are happy as well. As for the younger kids, we are making them look forward to a time when they will be here, cheering on their friends and staying out dancing until late at night. When our school creates a fun environment for students to come here everyday, we are making people proud. When we  are old enough to be alumni, Kailin Laurent wants us to be “proud to come back”.

AVHS gather after the bell for a photo in their jerseys.

What’s Next?

As winter sets in and homecoming seems distant, students look for a way to get back into school spirit despite these slow and chilly days. For that reason, AVID Leadership and Student Council welcome Winter Spirit Week! A word of warning from the Laurent brothers to you all, “If you thought homecoming was fun, just wait until winter week.”