Movie Relief

Movie Relief

Despite the roaring start of the new school year, some are already looking forward to the summer. An option for stress relief is taking some time to watch new movies. Although the common romantic comedy can be relaxing, there are some upcoming movies that are different from your average Pretty Woman.


Miss Pergerine’s Home for Peculiar Children (September 30, 2016) 

An adaptation of the beloved novel written by Ransom Riggs allows the viewers to dive into a world of the different and all things peculiar. Riggs allows the fantasy and supernatural world to tell the tale of a teenage boy, Jacob Portman, who discovers his ability to cross over into an alternate world with unique individuals with special skills. Along with these talented individuals comes a risk of evil beings lurking, and it is Jake’s duty to save the institute and his new friends.


The Girl on the Train (October 7, 2016) 

The suspense/ thriller movie was originally a novel–written by Paula Hawkins– which quickly became a bestseller. A book similar to Gone Girl due to the mistrustful narrator, this movie is about Rachel Watson–played by Emily Blunt–who is an alcoholic and a divorced mother. She notices a man and a woman during her ride on the train, and without knowing who they are, she admires their passionate love. She wakes up one morning covered in blood and learns the woman–Megan– has gone missing, and Rachel can’t help but feel as though she’s the reason.


Moana (November 23, 2016)

Disney’s latest princess is from Polynesia and goes by the name of Moana. In a mission to discover herself and the mysterious island of secrets from folk tales– to save her people from imminent death– she befriends her hero and a demigod, Maui, in order to find the lost island.


Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (November 18, 2016) 

Speaking as a Harry Potter fan, skepticism is a common reaction to this upcoming movie, although J. K. Rowling’s talents have yet to fail anyone. Another adaptation of the magical series written by the creator of Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts is one of the top searched films for November. An introduction to all the magical beasts from the wizard world, Scamander –played by Eddie Redmayne– begins to travel in pursuit of documenting all the creatures.


Doctor Strange (November 4, 2016)

Originally a comic, Doctor Strange is one of the anticipated movies of the years. Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange was a talented surgeon until his hand became damaged after a car accident–making the doctor suicidal and severely depressed. Through the help of a Sorcerer Supreme, Dr. Strange learns the way of a magical being and protects the Earth from the evil beings trying to create chaos.


Miss Sloane (December 9, 2016)

A political movie about a female lobbyist in Capitol Hill, which shows the dark and bright sides of the nation’s capital; Jessica Chastain plays the strong female lead in the movie as a female lobbyist, who is determined to win every case regardless of the opposing lobbyist and their importance.


Patriots Day (December 21, 2016)

A movie regarding survivors of the Boston Bombing and their struggle to help the police after the devastating events of April 15, 2013. The powerful tribute to the survivors and first responders of these incidents–to thank them for their courage and resilience–is an anticipated movie, as Sergeant Tommy Saunders is being played by Mark Wahlberg.


Although this is not a list of all the most-anticipated movies, these movies cause viewers to wonder about the mysteries of life or the life-changing experiences in the world. To some, these movies can become something to look forward to, but to others, it is just a momentary distraction from homework–that’s all a student can ask for these days.