Fresh Fall Faces


Jane Michaelson

Main Office at AVHS

With the start of a new school year, teachers and students face the challenge of meeting (and remembering) all the new names and faces. This fall, there are 27 new staff members added to the Apple Valley community, along with the 411 new freshmen, a new principal, and many transfer students from in and out of District 196.

So let’s meet a few of the newest faces of Apple Valley:

Colleen Reuvers – Family Support Worker

Ms. Reuvers is District 196’s first family support worker. Her job is described as assisting families and students with accessing food, clothing, shelter, medical coverage and even school supplies. She says, “I’m here to help students take their mind off problems at home and focus on learning”.

She works closely with 360 Communities in the county. This organization’s focus is “intervene early with children to ensure they grow up in safe, healthy and nurturing homes so they can have the better opportunity to become successful, self-sufficient adults.” They want kids to be able to 100% focus on learning and not have worry about things at home.

Where to find her: Main Office


Mr. Lepa has smoothly transitioned into his role as a teacher.
Jane Michaelson
Mr. Lepa has smoothly transitioned into his role as a teacher.

Sam Lepa – Social Studies Teacher

Mr. Lepa isn’t just a freshmen social studies teacher; he also coaches football and baseball, and he’s going to be a father in four weeks! After spending two years at Centennial High School, Mr. Lepa took a job at AVHS teaching civics and AVID 9. He says, “I chose Apple Valley because of the diversity. This school makes their differences a strength.”

Where to find him: Room 122


Virgil Jones – Athletic Director

Mr. Jones has quite the history in administration. He spent 10 years as Director of Diversity Development and Assistant Dean of Students at Gustavus Adolphus. Before becoming our athletic director and assistant principal, Mr. Jones spent the last three years at Rosemount High as dean of students.

His responsibilities at AVHS include providing leadership for coaches, athletes and teams. As one of four assistant principals, he works with the world language and physical education departments.

Where to find him: Main Office


Isaac Johnson: Mobile Device Support Specialist

Hard at work in the Media Maker Space
Jane Michaelson
Hard at work in the Media Maker Space

Mr. Johnson’s position is essentially to keep the school’s iPads running. He works closely with Mr. Dodge to keep the technology in check at AVHS. The 1:1 program and the beta iPad classrooms keep him busy throughout the day.

There are seven Mobile Device Support Specialists in the district. Our MDSS is an SES grad, and he taught there for a few years while getting his master’s in Youth Development.

Where to find him: The Media Makerspace


Josh Gerving: School Resource Officer

Before AVHS, Mr. Gerving worked as the escrow with the police department and the middle schools in the district. Even now, he works closely with the other liaison officers at Eastview and the middle schools, Dakota County child protection, and family and culture advocates.

But beyond his officer duties, he loves participating at AV events; being a liaison officer is not just about breaking up fights. “I want people to know I’m not just a face behind a badge. Helping students with their issues is my favorite part of my job. I want people to grasp that.” Mr. Gerving has worked the home football games and the homecoming dance so far this fall.

Where to find him: Attendance Office


Apple Valley High School is always changing and evolving. There are eight new teachers across all departments, from science to choir. Our Special Education department has added four paraprofessionals, and two captionists. The Talon wishes a great year to all our new students and staff members at AVHS!