Thank You Seniors


Dave Kirtz

Seniors ‘cap off’ their time at AVHS

Yeah, I guess it’s kind of cool roaming the hallways without the seniors.  We are the top dogs–the big kids on campus now.  

As exciting as it is to be seniors next year, it is bittersweet.  We would not be where we are without the class of 2016.  Your senior goodbye articles have thanked the younger grades already; now it’s our turn to show some gratitude towards you.

Friday Night Lights.  No, not the show, but some of our favorite memories in high school.  Without your guidance these past three years at football games, we would be lost during the cheers. We all have experienced the humiliation and disappointment of underclassmen chanting ‘you can’t do that’ one too many times.  Jonny would be crushed if our grade was not prepared in leading the student section next year.

It will be weird “goin’ bananas” without you guys next year.

We appreciate your help in booing the underclassmen during pep fests. Thanks for also being booed with us during pep fests.

We are grateful for the time we have shared being in elective classes together throughout your years at AVHS.  Sorry some of you were stuck sitting by us younger kids when you got to class late on the first day–so embarrassing. Also a big apology to those seniors who have experienced some pretty shameful losses to juniors in pickleball.

Most importantly, thanks for providing us with some of the best friendships that we could ever ask for.  Back in middle school, it was weird to be friends with kids in other grades–but that all changed in high school.  Thanks for befriending us awkward freshmen and showing us the ropes of high school. It will be sad not seeing your smiling faces everyday, but we are so excited to see where the future takes you.

Looking up to you guys these past three years has made it obvious that we have big shoes to fill next year.  We only hope that we can be as good of role models to the younger kids as you guys have been to us.

So make way class of 2016–it’s our turn.