People to Know: Brett Melton


Brett Melton

Melton and his family

Everyone has interesting experiences and stories, but most don’t take the time to learn more about others, especially teachers. A shining star in the world of AP Euro, Brett Melton has been teaching the rigorous course at Apple Valley for many years.

Born in Colorado, he says, “I think that makes me a little different. For example, I don’t say ‘hot-dish;’ that’s a ‘casserole.’ That’s what we normal people call them.”

His habit of saying he is from Colorado–even though he moved when he was still in elementary school– is often the cause of teasing from his wife and friends. Despite arguments, Melton says his “Colorado” accent melds into his everyday language, and when asked to elaborate on the accent he said, “It’s  a little less Fargo-ish. Something a bit more normal.”

Melton and his wife
Brett Melton
Melton and his wife

While attending college at Iowa State, Melton studied abroad in France. “My favorite part was Nutella,” he said. “Back when I went to study there for a couple of years, I had some, and my mind was blown. I love Nutella.”

After a couple years at Iowa State University, Melton decided to pursue the career of his dreams: teaching. “I got my teaching license from St. Cloud, I got married, and I liked the community of Apple Valley, so here I am.”

A fan of the Twins, Melton says, “Colorado didn’t have a team, so when we moved here, I kind of fell in love with the Twins. I adopted them as my babies.”

Besides the love of baseball, Melton and his family often indulge in hiking and camping trips. He bonds with his children while experiencing the outdoors.

Although he considers himself a “private” person, once asked about his kids and family, he said, “I got married thirteen–almost fourteen–years ago, and I have two amazing boys. Perhaps, the most adorable boys in the world.”

He accommodates his children’s wishes, and often can be found building Lego creations in his spare time. “When you have kids,” he says, “they tend to take over your life. In a good way.”

Melton and his kids
Brett Melton
Melton and his kids

When asked about what he wishes for, Melton said, “My wish is for my students to excel in school and be their best. I also wish to travel more with my family. You can never go wrong with traveling.”

Favorite video game: Star Wars: Battlefront or one of the original Call of Duty

Favorite sweet craving: Hot Fudge milkshake

Favorite candy: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup: “If I go to the gas station, and I have to get something, it is Reese’s.”

M&M’s or Skittles: M&M’s

Most hateful experience: Going to the dentist

Favorite disease: dysentery: “I don’t like diseases. I’m not promoting it! But I find the disease fascinating, like something I want to learn more about.”

Favorite meal: “Some sort of Asian food. Maybe stir-fry or coconut curry.”

#1 on bucket list: Traveling to exotic places: “I don’t want to say sky-diving, because everyone wants to do that, and zip-lining is for weenies.”

Biggest Fear: ticks: “It’s a little bit more hate than fear, but I really don’t like them. There was a TV show called ‘The Tick,’ but that was awesome.”