Technology Over the Years


Megan Navratil

3D printers in the Fab Lab

Nowadays our whole lives revolve around our devices, but in 1976–which may seem like the Stone Age to current high schoolers–technology wasn’t as big of an influence in our society. AVHS was a much different environment back then, when the school first opened, especially in terms of technology. We have gotten many new devices, like the machines in the Fab Lab and Chromebooks, that benefit students and teachers inside and outside of school.

Devices in the Fab Lab
Megan Navratil
Devices in the Fab Lab

Mr. Tracy, our school’s Technology Coordinator, first came to AVHS in 1994. Back then, they only had “two labs of TRS-80 computers, one in the business department and one in the science department–with the software loaded via cassette tape–some Apple computers, and certainly no wireless devices.”

Although those types of technology were efficient in the 70s and 80s, most of us couldn’t do half of the things we do now without the devices that are available to us.

It’s hard to imagine a time without a single ounce of electronic systems in an AVHS  classroom. “In the winter of 1988, there were no computers,” says Mrs. Baiel. “First there was the library, and all you had was microfiche or books to look things up”.

A few computers here and there compared to now having a Fab Lab, multiple computer labs and TVs, Chromebooks, and many more everyday devices, technology has come a long way in AVHS.

Students in the media center using the computers
Megan Navratil
Students in the Media Center using the computers

Technology has opened up so many windows for learning and expressing creativity for everyone worldwide and even in our own community, like our very own media production class, EaglEye. Suresh Balram, a junior, has “improved his camera, editing and communication skills” by joining Eagle Eye.

The benefits for having new types of technology are endless: “We can visit places through virtual reality, run simulations of math and science experiments, and have a work of information at our fingertips,” explains Mr. Tracy. It overall “changes the nature of education” and suits every learning style by being “more collaborative and exploratory” than ever before.

Not only do the students benefit from these technologies, but the  teachers do too. Sites like ‘Google Classroom’ and ‘Moodle’ make it easy for teachers to inform and teach the students from their homes.

As for improving our school technology wise, Mr. Tracy thinks that we need the “infrastructure to keep up because of the thousands of devices on our networks”.

Technology at AVHS is always evolving and improving. It has come a long way throughout the years–just imagine what new devices the next 40 years will bring!