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Anna Lee

Don’t Make Excuses

Senior Tony Lee is no stranger to perseverance.  Tony’s parents moved to the United States when he was only a year old, and faced many economic and cultural challenges upon their arrival.  Many people would let these setbacks get to them, and become discouraged as a result.  However, Tony did not let these slow him down.  He is the person he is today because of the disadvantages he faced.  His advice to overcoming these challenges: don’t make excuses.  Tony is someone who delights in breaking the molds of society. Just because someone else does something, doesn’t mean Tony needs to.  For example, he sets himself apart by putting in extra work after swim practice everyday.  This “no excuses” mentality doesn’t just apply to his athletic career; he applies this to his faith.  He doesn’t make excuses to be someone “lukewarm in their faith.” Instead, he is a leader and brings people closer spiritually.  Tony is the type of person to make no excuses when trying to overcome challenges, always going the extra step to persevere.  

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