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Ellie Kuchera

Surround Yourself With Good People

Junior Maggie Slater is no different with the amount of things on her plate.  Maggie is involved in soccer and track and field, while also taking many challenging courses at school.  Although Maggie has been a dedicated member of the high school track team since 8th grade and high school soccer player since 9th grade, she has faced many injuries that have set her back in her athletics.  Her injuries all started during spring of her sophomore year.  During the middle of the track season, she had a stress fracture, causing her to miss most of the season.  That year she also began to develop chronic chest pain, for which she is still undergoing treatment. This chronic chest pain has also spilled over into her junior soccer season, a large setback in her soccer career.  On top of all of these setbacks, she developed hip cartilage inflammation this fall that is very painful.  Needless to say, Maggie has not been 100% in the sports she loves for an extended period of time. However, these challenges have not stopped Maggie.  Her secret to staying positive:  surround yourself with good people.  Teammates, coaches, family, and peers can make even the roughest circumstances seem not so rough.  “I’ve always found surrounding yourself by the right people makes it so much easier.”  The people in Maggie’s life have made situations easier and continue to help Maggie overcome anything she may be facing.


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