E3 STEM: The STEM of Knowledge


Jim Lynch

During the Perry Initiative field trip E3 STEM students were able to meet with many orthopedics and engineers as well as experience with some field work.

The later years of high school life are often plagued with stress and anxiousness regarding a future career. Being unaware of the countless professions in the world is, unfortunately, very common among students.

According to CBS News, a Gallup study concluded that only 30% of Americans felt engaged in their workplace, while 70% were disinterested and not reaching their full potential. Being unhappy at work can lead to numerous consequences which will affect both the workers and the company.

Fortunately, the E3 STEM program at AVHS provides students with countless opportunities to search for their dream jobs, and in some cases change the point of view a student might have had. It is a program in which sophomores, juniors, and seniors explore  possible career choices that are in the STEM field.

Many young females aspire to join the STEM field; however, women are exponentially underrepresented in STEM careers, holding less than 25% of these jobs, as stated by the Economics and Statistics Administration.

One of the many features found in E3 STEM is the huge interactions student receive from universities, colleges, and employed professionals. Students are encouraged to follow careers in the STEM field and are given opportunities to communicate with doctors, engineers, and many more.

“E3 STEM has given me an opportunity I wouldn’t have thought possible,” said Sahra Mohamed, a junior at AVHS. Not only does this program offer college courses, but it also covers the cost.

College tours are also provided, helping these E3 STEM students decide which college to attend. Universities, including the University of Minnesota, direct students through courses, campus structure, and budgets.

“Our idea is trying to get students at the high school level to be comfortable with the idea of going to college and how college classes are structured differently, so by the time they’re a freshman at college it’s no big deal,” said STEM Program Director Jim Lynch.

Jim Lynch
Biomedical technologists visit classes to give students hands-on experience

A huge advantage a student acquires from being a part of E3 STEM is the wide range of interaction they receive from workers, such as an orthodontist, a biomedical engineer, and many more. “I think the most important part of the program is having the students interact with the professionals out in field trips and foreshadowing,” said Mr. Lynch. “We get to see students follow their dreams in E3 STEM and that is extremely gratifying.”

Jim Lynch
 E3 STEM students experience the steps of being an engineer.





“One of the perks of being in E3 STEM is that it offers many college courses that not only teach how to prepare for college life, but, the classes are free and the transportation is provided,” said junior Aisha Salad. As intimidating as a college course might sound, the majority of students feel as if the education and benefits outweigh the challenge.

“Before going to my first college class I expected everyone to know what they wanted to be, and surprisingly I discovered that this program gave us an opportunity to discover a job without being judged,” said junior Osob Abas.

E3 STEM:  A program in which students are free to explore their ambitions and dreams while receiving guidance from teachers and professionals. From challenging classes to fun field trips, the students reach their future one step at a time.