The Talon

2017-2018 Staff

Aaron Sesay

Aaron is one of the great writers at the Talon. He's a terrific sophomore, who is in the band and the E3 Media Crew. He enjoys that writing for the Talon always gives him choice in what he can write!

Cori Roberts

Cori has been a writer for the Talon since her junior year. At Apple Valley High School, she is involved in debate, robotics, National Honor Society, student council, and math team. In her free time, Cori likes to read and write...

Ethan Martin

Ethan is a freshman here at AVHS and has contributed as a creative writer. He welcomes feedback and comments on any of his pieces. We hope to be entertained by more of his writing pieces in the future.

Liz Bolsoni

Liz is a junior at AVHS and this is her second year at The Talon. She dedicates a large portion of time to singing in her four choirs. And although her fashion choices may say otherwise, she is part of AVHS girls swim and dive,...

Josie Segar

Josie is a senior at Apple Valley High School. She is involved in tennis, hockey, lacrosse, DECA, student council, and AVRM. In her free time she enjoys hanging out with her friends, watching Netflix, and shopping.

Kealey Jensen

Kealey is a senior at Apple Valley High School. She is involved in soccer, hockey, lacrosse, student council, and AVRM. As a retired PEZ collector, Kealey enjoys relaxing by shopping, watching movies, or enjoying a good cup of...

Connor Van Hulzen

Connor is a senior and has made his way to being an editor. He is an avid fan of Minnesota sports--so devoted to his teams that he attended the Vikings 2015 playoff game against the Seahawks. Yes, THAT playoff game. He is an aspiring...

Annie Nguyen

Annie Nguyen is a junior at AVHS. She is in National Art Honor Society and theatre, and makes a bomb eclair. In her free time she likes to create and caffeinate.

Brady LaBahn

Brady is an awesome senior and athlete here at AVHS.  He is a fan of almost every sport and will watch any game, no matter how close it is. This is especially true during the Twins season. However, Brady has not, and will not,...

Trinity Ek

Trinity is an editor for The Talon and is a senior. She speaks competitively on the AVHS Speech team and works at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. When she's not at school, practice, or the museum, she can usually be found in...

Lauren Bernard

Lauren is a senior currently involved in speech, theatre, NHS, choir, student council, and, as I'm sure you've guessed, an editor for The Talon. She has a passionate romance with food, as some of her hobbies include eating food,...

Celia Nguyen

Celia is a senior at Apple Valley High School and has been a newswriter on the Talon since the day it first began in 2015. She is both spunky and sweet at the same time. Priding herself that she is able to look at different perspectives...

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