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2016-2017 Staff

Henry Dikeman

Features Writer

Henry Dikeman is a writer for the features section at The Talon. Also a member of various activities including speech and debate, science olympiad, math team, and DECA, when Henry isn't busy with activities or schoolwork, he...

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Zach Crowley

Sports Writer

Zach Crowley is a writer for the sports section. If you want the Minnesota version of the Irish experience, he's your guy. From an Irish accent to Oscar Wilde quotes, Zach does it all. He may be the third person you pick for...

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Liz Bolsoni

Sports Writer

Liz is a sophomore at AVHS and a new member of The Talon. She dedicates a large portion of time to singing in her four choirs. And although her fashion choices may say otherwise, she is part of AVHS girls swim and dive, girls...

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Anna Watson

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Despite being frequently mistaken for a 12-year old, Anna is currently a senior at AVHS. She is an active musician both inside and outside of school, and spends far more time in the band room than necessary. When she's not practicing...

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Natalina Tekie

Features Writer

Natalina Tekie is a senior at AVHS. She is involved in tennis, speech, and DP. She enjoys spending quality time with her friends and family, watching movies, and eating cheesecake. She has been to Europe twice, and goes to California...

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Josie Segar

Sports Writer

Josie is a junior at Apple Valley High School. She is involved in tennis, hockey, lacrosse, DECA, student council, and AVRM. In her free time she enjoys hanging out with her friends, watching Netflix, and shopping.

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Kealey Jensen

Sports Writer

Kealey is a junior at Apple Valley High School. She is involved in soccer, hockey, lacrosse, student council, and AVRM. As a retired PEZ collector, Kealey enjoys relaxing by shopping, watching movies, or enjoying a good cup of...

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Connor Van Hulzen

Assistant Sports Editor

Connor is a junior and the assistant editor of the sports section. He is an avid fan of Minnesota sports--so devoted to his teams that he attended the Vikings 2015 playoff game against the Seahawks. Yes, THAT playoff game. He...

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Sydney Schliesing

Arts & Entertainment Writer

Sydney Schliesing is a junior at Apple Valley High School in Apple Valley, Minnesota. She is a writer for the arts and entertainment section in The Talon. Sydney participates on the Apple Valley traveling speech team and plays...

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Annemarie Roggow

Arts & Entertainment Editor

Annemarie is a senior at Apple Valley High School. Her talents include looking younger than she is, laughing at her own jokes and eating way more food than people expect her to. She spends her free time taking photos, listening...

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Braxsten Bell

Sports Writer

Braxsten is a junior at AVHS. When she's not at school, she is hanging out with her friends, relaxing at her cabin, or watching the Dallas Cowboys. Braxsten is a Starbucks and Drake enthusiast. She only smiled in her mug shot...

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Emilia Galchutt

Arts & Entertainment Writer

Emilia is a senior at AVHS. She can usually be found playing an assortment of instruments, reading, or taking way too many pictures of her dog. She believes in making lengthy yet futile to-do lists, using the Oxford comma, the...

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Annie Nguyen

Features Writer

Annie Nguyen is a sophomore at AVHS. She is in National Art Honor Society and theatre, and makes a bomb eclair. In her free time she likes to create and caffeinate.

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Eva Hanks

Arts & Entertainment Writer

Eva Hanks is a sophomore at AVHS who loves art, dogs, and the Internet. She is a concert connoisseur, glitter enthusiast, and Taco Bell advocate.

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Brady LaBahn

Sports Writer

Brady is a sophomore and two sport athlete at AVHS.  He is a fan of almost every sport and will watch any game, no matter how close it is. This is especially true during the Twins season. However, Brady has not, and will not,...

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Ashley Knapp

News Writer

Ashley is an aspiring journalist whose passion is fueled by witty writing and multiple cups of coffee per day. She believes living a full life means petting every dog one sees and laughing whenever given the opportunity. Her writing...

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Alyssa Knapp

Features Writer

Alyssa is a freshman at AVHS who is a lover of dogs, food and music. She enjoys coffee, reading books, obsessing over dogs, and spending time with her friends. She thinks that dogs are the best thing in the entire world and that...

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Daniel Dessalew

Sports Writer

Daniel is a senior at AVHS. He is a sports fanatic, a food lover, and a movie enthusiast. He claims to be able to speak three languages and that he has traveled to eight countries on four different continents, but no one believes...

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Trinity Ek


Trinity is an editor for The Talon. She speaks and argues competitively on the AVHS Speech and Debate team and works at the Minneapolis Institute of Art. When she's not at school, practice, or the museum, she can usually be found...

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Lauren Bernard

Features Assistant Editor

Lauren is a junior currently involved in speech, theatre, student council, NHS, choir, and, as I'm sure you've guessed, The Talon. She has a passionate romance with food, as some of her hobbies include eating food, cooking food,...

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Spencer France

Arts & Entertainment Writer

Spencer France is everyone's favorite 6'0, 168-pound, half-Vietnamese male that attends Apple Valley High School. He is heavily involved within the school, as he is a lead volunteer for the Student Council, and of course, works...

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Kallie Buss

Features Editor

Kallie Buss is co-editor of the features section. She loves coffee, dogs, music, motivational quotes, Ted Talks and pretending to have her life together. At the moment, 44% of her time is spent writing and 56% is equally split...

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Claire Doty

Features Writer

Hi! I'm Claire! I'm a senior here at Apple Valley High School of STEM, so that means I get to make life decisions this year. Hooray! Along with writing for the Talon, I'm a speech captain and am heavily involved in choir. On the...

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Jack Rosenthal

Sports Editor

No, it's not Gabe from The Office. It's Jack Rosenthal, senior editor for the sports section of The Talon. Aside from spending my time locked up in high school, I enjoy playing soccer, watching sports, and exposing that Harambe...

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Osob Abas

News Writer

Osob Abas is a senior at AVHS. When she is not trapped at school, she volunteers at the hospital and writes for The Talon . She has traveled to 4 countries and plans on exploring another one very soon. When she isn't completing...

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Celia Nguyen

News Writer

Celia Nguyen is a junior at Apple Valley High School and is a newswriter. She is both spunky and sweet at the same time. Priding herself that she able to look at different perspectives to voice her opinions. She enjoys drinking...

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Zynab Ahmed

Features Writer

Student by day and asleep by night, Zynab Ahmed is a senior and a features staff writer. She enjoys basic human functions such as eating, sleeping, watching Netflix, and randomly zoning out mid-conversation. With her terrible...

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Megan Navratil

News Writer

Megan Navratil is a senior at AVHS. She enjoys playing soccer and rugby on her free time. She also loves coffee and cats. Instagram: megan.navratil Twitter: MeganNavratil

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Sarah Crippes

Features Editor

Sarah Crippes is a senior Features editor for The Talon.  Sarah prides herself in her involvement in many activities including DECA, Cross Country, Track and Field, Math Team, Student Council, Apple Valley Role Models and National...

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Jane Michaelson

News Editor

Jane Michaelson is editor of the News section. She loves presidents, good classic literature, and men with PhDs.  Jane prides herself on always being able to speak her mind and loving foreign politics. She believes that there...

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