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Fresh Fall Faces

Main Office at AVHS

Jane Michaelson, News Editor

October 17, 2016

With the start of a new school year, teachers and students face the challenge of meeting (and remembering) all the new names and faces. This fall, there are 27 new staff members added to the Apple Valley community, along with the 411 new freshmen, a new principal, and many transfer students from in ...

Bolsoni Named Next Principal at Apple Valley

Michael Bolsoni will be the new principal of Apple Valley High School.

Tony Taschner, Special to The Talon

June 3, 2016

Apple Valley High School Assistant Principal Michael Bolsoni has been selected to be the school’s next principal, District 196 Superintendent Jane K. Berenz announced today. Bolsoni will replace Steve Degenaar, who is retiring at the end of this school year after a 31-year career in District 196, the last 17 as principal ...

The Perks of Being a Senior

AVHS students at their graduation in 2013

Megan Navratil and Kelly Carrillo

June 2, 2016

Juniors, are you ready to be a senior? To 'rule the school'? As many of you know, senior year is arguably the best high school year for the majority of students. Why, you might ask? Well, before we say farewell to the class of 2016, lets find out what they think the best things about being a senior are.

AVHS Teacher Receives BestPrep Teacher of Excellence Award

Theresa Kuhn at the awards ceremony.

Liz Harder, Special to The Talon

May 26, 2016

Theresa Kuhn was honored with a 2016 BestPrep Teacher of Excellence Award for her usage of BestPrep’s programs to educate students about business, career and financial literacy skills. BestPrep is a Minnesota nonprofit founded in 1976 with a mission to prepare students with business, career and...

Thanks For the Memories

Thanks For the Memories

Kayla Kirtz, News Writer

May 26, 2016

Well seniors, it’s finally here. The moment we have all been working towards for the past twelve years. And it will all be over in the blink of an eye when you reach for that diploma on June 4th. From the first day of freshman year to the last day of senior year, when we walk out of AVHS for the ...

Thanks, AVHS

Thanks, AVHS

Sophia Moschkau, News Editor

May 25, 2016

Ms. RG, Mr. Kyle, Mr. Behnke, Mr. Scanlon, Mrs. Christiansen, Mr. Brewer, Mr. Peterson, Mrs. Moy, Mr. Hayes, Mr. Otto, Mrs. Moynihan, Mrs. Herschl, Mrs. Wycoff, Ms. Radichel, Mrs. Voss, Dr. Zimmerman, Ms. Miller, Mr. Melton, Mr. Martin, Mrs. Lee, Mr. Desens, Mr. Scalise, Dr. Helgeson, Mr. Sullivan, Ms....

A Work in Progress: Four Years of Believing

A Work in Progress: Four Years of Believing

Ivan Calixto, News Writer

May 25, 2016

This is it. It's difficult to put into words just how fast high school went by. I mean sure, when you’re younger you probably hear it all the time: “Time flies. Enjoy it while you can.” But when do you ever take that phrase seriously? I sure didn’t. I didn’t realize how accurate it was unt...

Thank You

Current entrance to AVHS.

Claire Hoffa, News Writer

May 24, 2016

Dear AVHS— Thank you. Thank you for believing in me. Thank you for pushing me harder than I thought possible. Thank you for giving me opportunities that will last a lifetime, relationships that changed my life, and a place to call home for four amazing years. When looking back at my four years...

Finally Distinguished

Finally Distinguished

Celia Nguyen, News Writer

May 23, 2016

Apple Valley’s very own student newspaper--The Talon--has received the honor of becoming a Distinguished Site...and it’s not even been a year! A Distinguished Site is a recognition given out by the organization Student Newspapers Online (SNO). It gives a news staff six standards to meet over the course of a single school year.   ...

Survival 101: AVHS

(AP Photo/Jae C. Hong)

Megan Navratil, News Writer

May 17, 2016

High school can be terrifying to many young students. Nightmares about embarrassment, bullying horror stories, and rumors about the teachers have made almost every incoming freshman wonder what their next four years will hold. That was the case for AVHS freshmen Tia Ahmed--her first impression of...


A group of girls and their colorful dresses.

Sophia Moschkau, News Editor

May 11, 2016

If you don't live under a rock, you know that last weekend AVHS held its 2016 prom at International Market Square. It's an event that gets many students, staff, and parents alike excited each year. For the guys attending, the day may have began with putting on a tux at 4:00; for many girls, the day...

Civics Students Tackle the Real World

Students work through a station at the Reality Fair.

Ivan Calixto, News Writer

May 2, 2016

On April 27, all ninth grade civics students took part in a budget simulation activity at the Royal Cliff banquet facility, sponsored by Wings Financial. Students engaged in real-life financial scenarios such as making mortgage and rent payments, paying child support, police/health care costs, and o...

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