The Talon

The Everyday Life of an Amateur Adventurer

March 3, 2020

The Everyday Life of an Amateur Adventure Dear Journal, I don’t write journal entries because it takes too much time. But mom says it will help me keep my sanity out there, so I will.                 ...

World of the Lost: Chapter 3

December 20, 2019

Main street TOA David walked around the main town area. The place was freezing. He looked around for Mary. She said she’d be gone for a second, this was 13 minutes if the clock tower was anything to go by. Eventually he ju...

A Candle in a Dark Room

December 3, 2019

The Golden Hulled Silver Sail Ship

Lisa Kemerley

October 25, 2019

Have you ever heard of the Golden Hulled Silver Sail Ship? Well if you haven’t, you will now. It has been said to show up on perfectly sunny and clear days. When it is near, you will hear a bell toll three times. S...

Soundless poems Volume II

May 31, 2018

Alike, Yet Not Heartless, yet joyful. Hopeless, but mindful. Screaming, yet silent. Different, but alike. Greedy, yet selfless. Sheltered, but homeless. Fearful, but brazen. Alike, but not the same, that is how we are. ...

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Soundless Poems

March 8, 2018

The Virus of 2143

February 15, 2018

I am a simple man with little money, living in a worn apartment, struggling to wring the happiness out of the dry rag of life. It’s just me, my dog Milo—a loving but fierce canine, some equipment, and a rather useful health...

Sunrise on a Monday morning.


January 8, 2018


December 15, 2017

Auras are blessings given by the gods, they radiate positive and negative effects, allow you to use magic, they come in different colors and temperatures, they can change your mood and they have different feelings and scents....

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