2018 STAVID Night Brings Elementary Students from Across the District


Apple Valley High School held the STAVID night event for its second year in the row on Friday, May 11th.  This event, whose name is a portmanteau of AVID and STEM, provided attendees the opportunity to explore five different stations each providing their own STEM themed activities; these were healthcare, robotics, chemistry, fab lab exploration, and slime creation.  At the healthcare booth, HOSA members explained to students the function of DNA while each built their own model of DNA using Twizzlers and toothpicks. Two of Apple Valley’s FIRST Tech Challenge robotics teams were present at the robotics booth. There, each group learned about how each team’s robot functions and were given the opportunities to drive the robots around.  At the same time, Mr. Lynch went a treasure hunt around the school with one of the robotics team members in search of Spheroes, small, bluetooth controlled robotic balls. They were found after an hour of searching, and students visiting during the remainder of the event also drove those around. The chemistry station held a variety of learning opportunities lead by chemistry teacher Ms. Lee.  Students created colored foam volcanoes and Pringles can candles. They also explored the effect of container volume on the movement of objects inside water and th effects of air pressure in a small space on a balloon. At the fablab station, Mr. Lee provided students everything they needed to create their own name badges; students were also free to ask questions about the bevy of tools available within the fablab.  To run the event, students in STEM-related extracurriculars, E3 STEM, and the AVID program volunteered to guide groups of students between the stations or lead students through the activities at a given booth. Altogether, about sixty students between grades 1 – 6 experienced this event.

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