Multicultural Night 2018


Tai Henrichs

Up close of the items at the Eritrea booth

On May 3rd, Eastview High School held its annual Multicultural Night. This event brings together a variety of schools and cultures in one place where visitors are able to learn more about the world around them.  

Upon entrance, visitors were greeted by a table lined with foods ranging from egg rolls to chicken-curry; they were also greeted by the rather long line which extended twice the length of the four tables themselves. After eating, people were free to explore the various booths where they could experiment with cultural activities and eat other snacks.

Many were hosted by students and teachers from world language classes, but students who wanted to present with their personal backgrounds were also free to teach those interested about their own history. Some of Apple Valley High School’s own students appeared at the event. Nikolaus Hochsprung helped host the German booth; Tai Henrichs, Kayla Markwell, and Lindsey Markwell at the Japanese booth; Lisa Le at the Vietnamese booth; and Serena Abraham at the Eritrean booth. 

Photographs by Tai Henrichs

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