Will snow day #4 = a makeup day?

On January 22nd, students all around ISD 196 celebrated a rare snow day.

January 23rd surprised students and teachers alike with a second snow day in a row!

March 5th, just a couple days before finals of trimester 2, saw another snow day school cancellation.

On April 3rd, AVHS was prepared for ACT testing and an online learning day when we got the call at 5:30am that school was canceled due to weather for the fourth time.

This fourth school cancellation has some students wondering if we’ll need to add a school day onto the end of the school year.https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Banoka_Village_at_Snow_day.jpg

According to the MN DOE 2018 student contact day and instructional hour requirement, we are still able to end school as scheduled on June 7th.

The MARSS appendices notes that MN requirements 1,020 instruction hours and 165 days. The original school year had 171 student contact days, so even with 4 days lost for the snow this year, students don’t have to stress!

Now we’re just waiting for spring to finally arrive.


Sources: Instructional Days/Length of Day – Minnesota Department of Education …

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