The Wolf’s Fang

Chapter 1: The Stranger

A sudden pounding on the cottage door echoes through the cabin’s interiors. My head swivels to stare towards the knock’s direction. The pounding spurts again, but this time ever so loudly. My heart pounds with great might, for I remember that I am alone for the summer until my family comes back from vacation. But it is only the 23rd of July. Quite too early for them to be strutting their greedy legs all the way home from their stay in a Scandinavian hotel.

“Hello? Who’s there? Are you alright?”

The pounding slams again, sounding this time like it is on the brink of breaking the door. And to my surprise, I feel a gentle tap on my shoulder. I spin my head around, startled, and I let out a shriek as I see a hooded man bending over my head, staring straight into my eyes. His cloak is black as the midnight hour, and it brushes my cheek as it leans along with the stranger, the wool feeling like a small feather being gently swept across your face.

“No need to panic,” the figure murmurs. “I am not here to deliver harm to you.” He whispers with his sinister voice. “I have a gift for you.” This time he says it in a way so chilling, I shiver as a sense of unease creeps over me.

I jerk my head to gaze out the window when I hear the sound of a stick breaking under one’s foot. I notice a pair of yellow luminous eyes peering out from behind a tree for a few seconds before slipping back into hiding.

“Did you come alone?” I ask anxiously.

“Why?” The stranger replies.

“J-j-just wondering,” I answer, aghast from the situation unfolding before me.

The man saunters his way to the fireplace in front of me, his cloak slightly sways back and forth as it’s lightly kicked by the man’s legs as he slowly walks to his destination. Maybe it was just some homeless man in need of shelter, who might’ve lost a couple of his marbles. I wanted to say something, but I was afraid he might be capable of doing something rash. He only seemed a tad bit crazy, but as they say, “Looks can be deceiving.”

The man turns to face my direction and plops himself down on the middle of the carpet in between me and the fireplace.

“May I ask, what is your name?” I stammer.

“Ah, forgive me, that was a bit rude of me to fail to introduce myself. I’m Jared,” he replies.

I open my mouth to single out the detail that it was also rude of him to just break into cabin, but shut it quickly after realizing the damage my comment could do. I glance at the door and notice that the sliding bolt, chain, and keyhole locks were all fastened tight and secured. I look for around at the windows, none which have been opened or smashed.

Another chill runs down my spine, urging me to ask Jared, “How did you get in here?”

“That’s not important,” he avers.

“Umm… not to sound rude, but you just broke into my house and that’s IS important. I just need to know my house security flaws so ol’ creeps like you don’t come blabbering your filthy tongues out uninvited!” I shout, frustrated with every nerve.

The stranger spins around quickly and thrusts his face so it is inches from mine. “Don’t you talk back to me!” he snaps sternly. His face is painted with a devilish sneer and a grimace of hate. I want to reel at the repulsive, musty smell of the man’s breath. I grimace in disgust and yell at the man to go away.

“Not until I finished what I came here for,” Jared says curtly.

“And that is what? Mug me? Kidnap me? Murder me?” I quip.

Jared chuckles softly as he sets his hands on the armrests of my chair. He lurches his face forward leaving only two inches in distance. “I won’t have to if you play by the rules of my little game.”

…to be continued…

Note from the writer: I decided to end it here as the first chapter, there is more stuff written, but not enough to be considered a chapter. Please let me know what you think. Thank you.

“There is no right or wrong, ideals are only perspectives.”- Ethan Martin


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