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AV EaglEye

NATAS Award Ceremony 2016-2017

On Friday, March 31st, our Eagle Media Crew and EaglEye programs voyaged to Crowne Plaza near the Mall of America for the 2017 Upper Midwest Student Production Awards, or more famously known as the NATAS Awards. Awards are given to productions that best meet the qualifications of specific categories for film. Out of the 200 entries submitted from 40 different high schools, Apple Valley High School won Best Writer, Best Talent, Best Serious News Story, and the Best Newscast in Minnesota. “It’s really a cool experience.” says 11th grader Steven Schroeder. “And when you get nominated, it’s the best feeling ever!” Steven has participated in Eagle Media Crew for three years and been a part of EaglEye for two.

Cliff Dodge, one of the teachers for EaglEye and a supervisor for EMC, says that programs like this have been changing student’s lives for years.

“I’ve had students who graduated years ago come back and thank me for these programs. Many had gone on to pursue some type of film career.” These programs help students prepare not just for a career in film, but also provide the necessary skills to be successful in any field, from team building to time management. “It’s more about the process rather than the product.” Dodge constantly tells his students. “What you learn in that process is just as important as making a great story and striving for the best is what we do here at Apple Valley High School.”

Both EaglEye and Eagle Media Crew continue to seek out new students to recruit for next year and beyond.

“I would greatly recommend joining because you get to learn a lot about cameras and meet a lot of fun people!” Steven adds. “And there’s always that bonus of free pizza.” If you are interested in more information about EaglEye and Eagle Media Crew, contact Mr. Dodge or Mr. McCluskey and be sure to look out for Eagle Media Crew’s next meeting!

AV EaglEye
Students receiving the award for Best Newscast
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