The 2001 prom credit from the Aerie.

The 2001 prom credit from the Aerie.

AVHS Alumni Reveal What Prom Was Really Like

May 6, 2017

It’s prom season! Take a trip down memory lane as AVHS alumni share their experiences with that time of the year where boys and girls get glammed up for the best night of their high school careers. The suit and tie event that produces lifelong memories and awkward photos has been an American tradition celebrated by Apple Valley High School since its opening.

“This was also before the ‘social media era’ so we didn’t take pictures or selfies. Did it even really happen?””

— Arden Cho

AVHS’ first year

A page from The Aerie 1977 about Prom.

AVHS’ first prom looked slightly different than today’s. The 1977 prom venue was the Chanhassen Dinner Theatre instead of International Market Square, and fashion expectations since then have evolved dramatically.

The 80s

A throwback segment in the 2015 Aerie about the 1985 prom fashion.

When asked to describe her prom experience, CBS Los Angeles reporter and notable alumni, the ’88 graduate Leyna Nguyen tweeted, “Omg wish I could but I think I only went to junior prom and don’t remember much about it. Girl, I’m old!”

Nguyen’s memories should be a reminder that the dance probably isn’t as life changing as many students may think. Rather than stress out, students should lay back and enjoy the end of their high school years.

In a throwback fashion segment of the 2015 Edition of AVHS’ yearbook, The Aerie, reminisced the 1985 prom: “The girls wore gloves and both boys and girls sported bangs. Even a form of Justin Bieber hair was fashionable.”

Another Aerie caption read, “In 1987, sparkly dresses for prom were the thing along with big hair.”


The 90s

’92 prom from the Aerie.


Current AVHS business teacher and 1992 graduate Mr. John Christiansen stated, “Senior prom wrapped my high school career. I had a good time with my friends at our sort of our last ride here at Apple Valley High School.”

The 2000s

Pages from The Aerie 2005 about prom

“Teen Wolf” star, actress, and notable alumni Arden Cho remembers her prom before she graduated from AVHS in 2003. Cho tweeted, “I went to prom with my friend from art class & NAHS. I was so awkward, he was awkward. We never even danced.” when asked to describe her experience.

She continued with, “This was also before the ‘social media era’ so we didn’t take pictures or selfies. Did it even really happen?”

The 2001 prom credit from the Aerie.

Well-known around school, the AVHS Arts and Activities Director Mr. Bill Blatzheim graduated in the same 2003 class as Cho. Blatzheim stated, “I went to with a group of friends! Prom was still at International Market Square and we drove our mini vans to get there.”

Blatzheim’s advice to this year prom attendees? “Make good decisions and socializing will be fun.”

Unfortunately, there is no answer to Cho’s question and AVHS may never know what Mr. Blatzheim’s prom suit looked like as no prom pictures were included in the 2002-2003 yearbook.

After high school, AVHS students may go on to be television stars or teachers, but for better or worse, they will all be connected by their prom experiences.

Prom 2017 will be on Saturday, May 6th at International Market Square from 5:30pm through midnight.

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