6 tips to help you tackle the AP exams



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Osob Abas, Writer

Preparing for the Advanced Placement exams can be a tedious task. Demanding hours of studying stretched over the course of weeks.  AP classes offered at Apple Valley High School vary in subject from Computer Science to English Literature. For the first 2 weeks of May, students across the country test their knowledge in the subject they’ve studied all year. Listed below are a few tips to prepare you for success.

Create Notecards:

No matter the subject, notecards are always the way to go. Repetition can lead to a higher score on exams. By creating notecards, are engaging in what is know as active recall, in which you could easily recall vocab words. Notecards can be used for everything from formulas in math to vocab words in psychology.

And, just in case paper note cards aren’t the best fit for your style, Quizlet is a great app.

Establish a Plan:

Collect all the notes you have taken this past year to help you prepare for your exam. Utilizing the learning objectives from the College Board is a good idea. The learning objectives are all covered in the exam so you know the topics. For example, the College Board has a course description link for every subject, within it, the course description states how often a certain topic will appear on the test. Utilizing the course description you can determine which chapters are more important that others.

AVHS teacher Mrs. Heineman states that “ It is important to know the vocab and to review past essay and exams. It is also important to space things out.”

Practice Makes Perfect:

The College Board offers practice tests for every AP subject, usually consisting past AP exams.  Practice tests are a great tool to help prepare for the upcoming exams. It can indicate the topics that you haven’t mastered, so analyzing your score is a great way to identify chapters that need revision. Like many people say: practice makes perfect.

Create a Study Group:

Joining a study group with your peers is a great way to learn new study skills and perspectives. By creating a study group, one can relearn topics that they might have forgotten over the course of months. Study groups promote critical thinking which ensures an interactive environment that creates a better in the subject you’re studying. Another benefit is that being in a group can motivate you to work hard. There are many ways for a study group to be connected to a weekly meeting at a local cafe or Skype calls.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast:


Lovisa Lagerqvist
Make sure to have breakfast during AP testing!

We’ve all heard this before, but it is no surprise that eating healthy is crucial. But do you know why? It’s because your blood glucose levels have not been restored to normal from sleeping. A breakfast including whole grains, protein, and fruits is suggested. Even when you are short on time, a fruit and a glass of milk are enough to start your day out right.


Get Full Night of Sleep:

Getting at least 8 hours of sleep is very important. We have all heard about “all-nighters”. You spend the entire night cramming for a test you may or may not have procrastinated on. However, researchers have found that lack of sleep can impact memory and concentration. Current sleep research has concluded that it is “smart to sleep”.

Utilizing these tips, any Apple Valley student can be better prepared for their exams.
Do your best on the test!


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