Better Desks, Better Students


Work spaces can affect student's productivity. (Annie Nguyen)

Let’s face it: students have a lot of work to do, from homework to personal projects, but more often than not, current work spaces aren’t the ideal.

The Ideal Work Space:

From kitchen tables to couches, student work spaces vary, but which will rein over the rest?

Some key aspects of an effective workplace include:

A designated space for work (and preferably ONLY work)

A consistent work space that can help set up routine. Use one place for studying, doing homework, and working on personal projects such as art. It takes 21 days to make a habit, so having a designated area for a certain task for just under a month can help in the long run.

Likewise, using the same space for anything other than work, like sleeping or eating, will associate the work place with distractions. Try focusing on doing work, and only work, in that space to effectively maximize productive. 

A well-lit surrounding area

 Even better – with natural sunlight, which has been shown to improve performance and sleep.

Quiet or use the right kind of music

Cancel out noise and ensure quiet. Make your designated work place a space away from sources distracting sounds and busy commotion, a living room with the TV blasting might not be the best idea.  

Can’t stand the silence? Opt for lyric-less music, like classical or instrumental. Listening to music with lyrics impairs comprehension, a well known song shifts focus away from work and towards a song’s emotions. 

Try listening to video game soundtracks. It may sound odd at first, but think about it: most video game tunes are background music designed to help a player focus on solving problems right at hand, and to make the player, well, play, for longer.

Personal touches

Make a work space a fun place to be. Add photos, decorate with a favorite color palette, get a new notebook or use fancy pens. Make work time something to look forward to, rather than a daily hassle.

Comfortable seating

Spending too much time sitting can lead to a greater risk towards death. Reduce the risk with a chair that helps posture. Being comfortable with seating will bring more happiness, therefore contributing a positive vibe towards work time and henceforth more productivity.

Photosynthesis machines

Plants in a work space increase productivity while bringing life inside and increasing creativity. Plus, a little more oxygen never hurt anyone, take a breather! Working doesn’t have to be so much, well, work.

AVHS Students’ Workspaces


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