Top Ten Ways to Spend $10


No matter what age you are, spending cash doesn’t come easily, especially if you’re on a strict budget. Whether you’re looking for a date night idea or a place you can meet up with friends, here are ten inexpensive activities to spend a day doing.



Carmike Theater, 15630 Cedar Ave S, Apple Valley, MN

See a Movie:

Carmike Theater has deals on Tuesdays and during matinee hours from 4:00-5:30. Movie tickets during Tuesday are only $1, along with any snacks to go along with it–a perfect date plan for a strict budget. The matinees offer $5 tickets if bought between 4:00-5:30.




Ice Skating:

When in need of ice time or a desire to slide on ice, the Burnsville Ice Center is open every day of the week (except Saturday) and allows anyone to skate publicly for $5 for admission. It’s another $5 for rental skates.

Inside the Burnsville Ice Arena
Burnsville Ice Arena, 251 Civic Center Pkwy, Burnsville

Attend a School Sporting Event:

Apple Valley Students during the Senior Night Football Game

Nothing says school spirit more than supporting your fellow students as they pit themselves against other schools in contests of speed, strength, and cunning.  New policies allow students to attend home competitions for free if they carry a student I.D. (with the exception of hockey and football games). A ticket to attend a football game is $7 if you are 18 and under, and a ticket for a hockey game is $5.

Students of Apple Valley performing in a fall musical production

Attend a School Theatre Production:

Large, noisy crowds not your style? Many high schools create elaborate shows of theatre classics such as Romeo and Juliet or Fiddler on the Roof. Support the artistic and emotional  side of classmates as they perform in fall and spring productions. The shows are always different but the excellence remains the same. Shows for students cost $5.



Bowling lanes of Apple Place Bowl


An iconic classic for a friendly gathering or date night. Even better is that Apple Place Bowl provides the opportunity to play a game for only $3 during the week and $4 on Saturday and Sunday. A single game can host up to 6 players and can last for over an hour.



Grand Slam is a host of many activities including Mini Golf, located on 12425 River Ridge Blvd, Burnsville

Mini Golfing:

Round up a group of friends and get ready to “bogey down” and go putting. Grand Slam offers a mini golf course at a charge of $4.95 for a ball and club. Golf Zone offers multiple mini golf courses with a charge of $6.95 for one ball and club.





Go Out to Eat:

The Dairy Queen located on 7720 149th St W, Apple Valley, MN

Feeling hungry? Fast food joints have quickly prepared meals for cheap prices. Not always the healthiest option, but when in a rush, a quick bite to eat at a drive through can mean all the difference between being on time for a school and being late.





Shop for Clothes:

Savers is a common thrift store to find great sales on many different kinds of apparel

Big name brands like Michael Kors and Lululemon sell clothing for prices that easily push past $100. That’s far more than a typical teenager–and even an adult–is willing to spend on a t-shirt or shorts. Good thing stores such as Savers exist to ensure that your wallet stays full when they offer deals on clothing averaging $10. Whether you shop for the fun of buying clothes, or are actually in need of new outfits, making a trip to a thrift store will save you money.




The Half Price Books located at Apple Valley Square, 7600 150th St W, Apple Valley, MN

Browse a Bookstore:

The world is getting tech-savvy, but in the shadows of technology, books remain powerful works of human genius. They can tell great tales born from wild imaginations or they can inform us of the past. Books, like the Internet, are endless sources of information…as long as you look in the right place. The best part is, books are drastically cheaper, and a paperback copy can run at $10 or less at stores such as Half Price Books.



Spend a Day at the MIA

This one is completely free and has loads of options to explore. The Minneapolis Institute of Art is open everyday besides Mondays, and there is no cost for entry. The times for each day can be found on their website. While it’s free to go in and see the art, there’s also a gift shop, a café, and a restaurant. If you’re a member, you get 20% off purchases from the gift shop and café. And if you’re 18 and under, the special exhibits are free—the one right now is Martin Luther: Art and the Reformation. In addition to the art is the museum library. It’s located in the Target Wing across the courtyard and its times can be located on the same website. Special events take place weekly at the

The Minneapolis Institute of Art on 2400 3rd Ave S,

MIA and you can keep track of them on their calendar.


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